Why ROBBO Class is the best solution for your school

Whether you are looking to implement robotics education within your educational institution, you should choose a proper solution provider for that. ROBBO offers ‘ROBBO Class’ as the perfect example of a product that helps nurture future engineers and innovators within your school, college, or even university. See the details in the article below.

 1. The ROBBO educational program not only enhances academic performance in science and mathematics, but also fosters understanding of programming and robotics, demonstrating the application of physics and mathematical principles.

2. By teaching computer literacy and programming, children are equipped with the skills to excel in computer science and IT disciplines, resulting in higher academic achievement.

3. The creative programming approach provided by ROBBO empowers children to develop their own applications, games, and quizzes, promoting creativity, aesthetics, and social responsibility. For instance, our students have created animal care and waste collection applications.

Thus, our program offers an engaging way for children to improve their grades while fostering holistic development.

The unmatched level of education is achieved due to the quality equipment and materials:

1. ROBBO equipment is designed specifically for children and is highly durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

2. The software we use for education is free, which eliminates the need for costly licenses.

3. ROBBO educational materials are comprehensive and user-friendly, enabling even inexperienced teachers to prepare for lessons in an effective way.

This means that investing in the ROBBO program allows for sustained development in robotics education.

We provide technical and methodological support to ensure success.

We are committed to being there for you every step of the way!

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    Michael September 28, 2023 Reply

    Where can I see description of student projects??

    • Avatar
      Cathy October 9, 2023 Reply

      What age group projects are you interested in?

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