The ROBBO™ Contest!

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and ideas!

We have been pretty busy here at ROBBO™ headquarter planning our next move. And the time has come to reveal ROBBO™ Contest assignment!

Five schools participating in our current project have had few weeks to get started with RobboScratch and get familiar with the robots. We want to take them out of comfort zones and add some challenges to boost learning and motivation. So here are the instructions:

  1. Create a path for the Robot kit to follow. Team earns points on how tricky the path is. The code should be adaptable, meaning that even if the path changes a little bit, robot can go through it.

Tip: the path should be made of a black line and this assignment requires the use of line sensors.

  1. Create a story around the Robot kit and its journey. Where the robot is going? Why?

Tip: we encourage creativity expect something close to theatrical play.

  1. Robot kits journey as well as its story should be replicated by character(s) in RobboScratch.

Tip: the story on the screen should be programmed into the Robot kit’s or should be related to it. We encourage creativity, so apply all your knowledge of Scratch.

BONUS! Extra points can be earned by creating an obstacle on the Robot kits path. It should be written into the code of the Robot kit in RobboScratch so that robot avoids it.

Tip: this task requires use of at least one extra sensor.

The results should be submitted in the form of a video story to ROBBO team. Deadline 20.11.16.

Instructions on use of line sensors can be found from our pedagogical guide page 150.



Good luck!


Amanda from ROBBO™ team

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