ROBBO is excited to join Worlddidac as a Silver Member!

ROBBO is excited to join Worlddidac as a Silver Member! Worlddidac, which started as ‘Eurodidac’ in 1962, is the “only global [trade] association dedicated to the development of education worldwide”. Joining as a member means that ROBBO enters a global network of manufacturers, distributors, and governmental institution.

Worlddidac has a goal “to bring the best that the world has to offer in terms of educational resources and the supporting infrastructure needed to deliver quality education.” To that end, Worlddidac is affiliated with national level trade associations throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

ROBBO is now in an excellent position to expand our vision of teaching Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STREAM) to the next generation of creators and innovators around the world.

Our hardware, software, and lesson plans designed for children as young as five-years-old, and the lessons intricately build on each other over time. Not to worry for instructors, however, as ROBBO also provides training along with straightforward instructions and technical support.

ROBBO is excellent for schools, robotics clubs, and at-home use — and has pricing plans to meet for any such sort of use. You can buy the Robbo Kit and Lab individually or together for personal use. You can buy the set in bulk as a Robbo Class, which work excellently for classrooms and clubs. Or, if you’re looking for a business opportunity that also prepares the next generation, you can purchase a Robbo Franchise and use our name and equipment to teach STREAM.

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