How to get started with Scratch?

Have you thought about learning programming, but do not know where to start? Let us introduce you to Scratch – an educational programming language that is free and suitable for anyone to dive into the world of codes. Scratch was developed by Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.  It is graphical open-source language, with which you can easily learn how to create animations and games on your own!

At ROBBO™ we have created an extension of Scratch to work with our robots (Robot kit and Lab). Its name is RobboScratch and it can easily be downloaded from our website here. RobboScratch is developed from new Scratch 2.0 and has all functions of standard programming environment.

For those of you who have just begun their journey (and maybe even for experienced users), we have collected useful channels with guidelines and tips that can make learning programming in Scratch more pleasant. All sources are free of charge and available for everyone.

First, on our website, you can download ROBBO’s free pedagogical guide for learning the basics of RobboScratch (we all know now that it is the same thing as Scratch:)), as well as using it to program our robots. It has been developed together with University of Helsinki, Innokas-network and schools from all around Finland.

Another excellent support material for getting started with Scratch is Harvard Scratch guide. No prior experience with computer programming is required, only a sense of adventure!

Also check out the ScratchEd official website. Whether you are a newbie or a more advanced user, there you can find useful tips and ideas on how to integrate Scratch into the classroom or use at you advantage at home.

If you are more of a tutorial person and prefer watching videos. Here is a list of few YouTube videos that  are fun, simple and provide enough information to start working in Scratch. If you wish to create your first game ever, do not hesitate to take a peek:

Scratch Tutorial 1: Make your first program:

Scratch Turorial 2: Make a Basic Game:

Scratch 2.0. tutorial basics tutorial:

Scratch 2.0. tutorial: Speed racer game basics:


Good luck!


Amanda from ROBBO™ team

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