Code Your Imagination – What’s New Under The Robbo Sun?


We have started school holidays already in the beginning of the June in Finland. And little by little other European countries are joining us. The amount of sunny days has been amazing this year and we have enjoyed warm days outside. Swimming, playing and picnic – what else you can hope for a perfect summer day?


But, every now and then, it is also good to stretch your brains and use your energy to explore new thing in programming. Now, that there is more time in use, Robbo can offer you some more demanding tasks to conduct. For example, check out the Smart Greenhouse exercise in our blog. You can learn deeper use of Robbo Lab, but also interesting features in Scratch.


This summer is also a beginning of many new thigs at Robbo office. We are opening an own European company for Robbo, and Aii Corporation as an investor will be stepping aside. For our Robbo customers this will be seen mostly with new faces. Kati and Liza are still helping you during the following months, but we are also having Maria based in Finland. She is already started to build up new company, but also learning the Robbo way of thinking and teaching. We are warmly welcoming Maria and hoping all the best in her new position as Managing Director!


What else near future will bring us? Robbo team is working very hard with new Robbo Scratch 3.0 version and we are also getting own version for ChromeBooks (now in beta). Extension pack will offer our current and new Robbo users a bunch of new sensors, clutch and adaptor! And Robbo international activities will expand with co-operating clubs and franchises. That is a lot – so, it will be a busy summer for Robbo team. But for you, we are hoping peaceful and refreshing time of the year!! And the best tip for those rainy days: pick up your Robbo device and try something new!

– Kati

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