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Kids nowadays are getting bunch of information thru many different sources every single day. They are parts of the world as individuals and as members of groups. They know a lot about several domains. So, it is almost impossible to offer them totally new information, but we can offer them a new perspective on things they already know or add value to older information. It can also be taken an opposite way: by adding new information to older lessons learned we provide the best learning experience.


Other thing in effective learning is to offer the new information and procedures in right format. One of the key researchers of the cognitive psychology was Piaget. His theory may be criticized, but there are some points, yet, to take in consider. One of the important points in his study is that children are thinking in very concrete ways. The study adduces that the ability to logic thinking is supported by things that are tangible. So, in order to make it easier to kids to learn, we can offer concrete tools in use.


This is where ROBBO is showing its potential in coding. Very abstract thing – coding –  is turned into concrete doing via robots. Lights, sounds and movement are bringing the commands from the computer screen to reality.


For more, ROBBO is also a way of adding the new skill of coding into context that is already learned. For example, it is commonly known that traffic lights are having 3 different lights set to turn on in given order. And now we are able to add new information about the code behind the traffic light process – to add value to older information. ROBBO robot is demonstrating the actual event in very tangible way. It is no coincidence that our little Robot Lab has exactly three Led-lights on its surface…


It is very interesting to start copying new tasks from surrounding world and turn them into code and set your robot to represent the task. If it feels too difficult to start, please, take a peek to our pedagogical guide. You are sure to find out many things to begin with! Once you get started, it is hard to stop!


– Kati

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    Leo O'Brien September 16, 2022 Reply

    I want to set up a robotics coding school here in Ireland and wouuld appreciate any help in doing so

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