Code your imagination – Playing is the Skill of the Future


The World Economic Forum has released its Human Capital report. The report states that many of today’s educational skills are not preparing our children to be parts of tomorrow’s labour markets.


But many of these skills required in future are, indeed, the ones that children naturally perform in childhood. Just think about, how we act in our early years: we are curious, eager to learn, and we solve problems in most creative ways. As children, people are exploring by playing. We are taking different roles in plays, trying out the variety of emotions and continuously challenging ourselves with new ideas.


The Future Jobs report states that in the Fourth Industrial Revolution complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are most important skills a child needs to thrive. The emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility are also entering the list of skills by year 2020.


So, the big question is, how to keep this playful attitude alive? How are we able to challenge ourselves to let children act as they do by nature? It is clear that we need to re-think the focus in concepts of learning and education. But luckily the answer is very simple: we need just to let children play and play along!


So just pick up your Robbo and start playing with your children. Robbo is all about being creative, solving problems and just having fun together! It is all about the skills that are needed today and in the future. Let’s play together!!!



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