Code your imagination! Let’s keep growing in 2018!

The great year is coming to the end! It has been amazing to see how the children around the world have been introduced to the world of coding and robotics.  No boundaries – just pure joy, when new tasks are performed. The lack of prejudice is something we adults could also use every now and then…

ROBBO team has overcome a lot of changes during past few months. Kristina Karkkonen – Program Director of Robbo – has left for maternity leave. And two new faces entered the team: Liza Meriluoto and Kati Viljakainen.

And when I say new, I really mean new: this field of science and technology is something unfamiliar to us. This gives us an opportunity to approach coding and robotics from a different perspective. How can we deliver the joy of learning and teaching with Robbo in most clear and simple way?  How can we ask also those, who are not experts, to join the Robbo world in the easiest way? It is important that Robbo is not just another project that starts and ends but it should be a part learning culture on the everyday basis.

To make this happen, we need new projects that can easily be used as parts of education. Some plans to execute this has already been made. But now is also your time to take action: best ideas are always from the direct users! Are there some ideas that you wished us to produce in practice? Please let us know and we can see it thru together!

As new beginners – Kati and Liza – we are luckily accompanied by a very talented team of experts in many fields needed. And another goal for next year is to provide more information also for more developed users. There has been a lot of interest to use Robbo as a part of deeper studies of coding and technology. And why not – after all Robbo is suitable to use for people in all age groups and levels of studies! If you have some ideas to share, please do so! We are more than grateful!

Beyond the practical reasons to learn how to code there is a fact that creating can be fun and joyful. With this thought in mind, we wish You a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2018 as fun as we can – together with Robbo!!!

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